SCS Global Services Announces New Certification Program for Water Stewardship and Resiliency

SCS Global Services Announces New Certification Program for Water Stewardship and Resiliency

EMERYVILLE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2024 / SCS Global Services, a pioneer and world leader in the field of third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing and standards development today announced a new certification program for water stewardship and resiliency. The certification against SCS-116, Certification Standard for Water Stewardship and Resiliency, published by SCS Standards, allows organizations to measure baseline water performance, set measurable, local and contextually relevant targets, demonstrate water stewardship and resiliency practices, and monitor progress year over year.

SCS-116 certification is applicable to organizations of all sizes worldwide seeking to demonstrate their commitment to implementing effective water stewardship and resiliency practices at the site level. The certification:

  • Recognizes organizations that implement responsible water practices
  • Encourages organizations to systemically and holistically reduce climate-related risks through adaptation and resiliency measures
  • Guides organizations in managing water-related risks effectively
  • Rewards adoption of nature-based solutions and innovative technologies to increase water resiliency and resource management
  • Prompts organizations to engage with surrounding communities
  • Promotes transparency by communicating an organization’s impact on the environment and the organization’s progress over time

Certification by a credible third-party helps companies stand out and be recognized for acting on water stewardship. A unique feature of the SCS-116 Certification is the provision for an on-product claim, which provides accessible information to consumers regarding the site where the product is made. Managing water-related risks also helps organizations reduce associated water costs.

“The market has communicated the need for a practical approach for organizations to demonstrate water stewardship and resiliency action at the site level and integrate water stewardship into their sustainability reporting,” said Lauren Enright, Program Manager for Water Services at SCS Global Services. “The framework outlined in the new certification program is comprehensive and benefited from a wide range of stakeholder input. It addresses the critical gap between existing regulation and the urgent need to manage freshwater resources and provides a credible solution for organizations to get on a path to better water resource management.”

The Certification Standard has additional Trailblazer recognition that can be earned by organizations going above and beyond in any of the following categories:

  • Natural Habitat and Biodiversity Impacts
  • Nature Based Solutions
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Water Circularity
  • Net-Zero Water Use, Net-Positive Water Use
  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Community Engagement

SCS is committed to expanding adoption of water stewardship beyond large and multinational entities to small-and medium-sized enterprises. The Certification is inclusive o help ensure responsible water management practices are implemented at all levels of society, fostering a more resilient and equitable approach to water resources.

To learn more about the new SCS Certification for Water Stewardship and Resiliency or to find out how to get certified visit SCS Global Services.

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SCS Global Services Announces New Certification Program for Water Stewardship and Resiliency

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