Preservica Automates Microsoft 365 Records Archiving & Digital Preservation at Scale with Enhanced Connectivity to Microsoft Retention Labels

<div>Preservica Automates Microsoft 365 Records Archiving & Digital Preservation at Scale with Enhanced Connectivity to Microsoft Retention Labels</div>

BOSTON, MA and OXFORD, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2024 / Preservica, the leader in Active Digital Preservation™ archiving, is pleased to announce further ongoing enhancements to Preserve365®, its embedded archiving and Digital Preservation solution for Microsoft 365. Latest enhancements include the General Availability of connectivity with Microsoft retention labels to automate archiving and Digital Preservation actions, plus new support for Microsoft auto labeling for advanced archival disposition based on event triggers.

Stuart Reed, Chief Product Officer at Preservica added, “Preserve365 addresses the pressing need at many organizations to simplify and automate compliance for long-term, high-value Microsoft 365 records. Using Microsoft retention labels to drive archiving and Digital Preservation actions with Preserve365 allows customers to leverage existing Microsoft investments and eliminates the need to learn and use separate vendor specific archiving and discovery tools. Working in an agile way with our customers we also plan to roll out connectivity with Microsoft Power Automate and archiving and Digital Preservation for Teams in the coming months”.

Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, and available to customers through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Preserve365 simplifies compliance by making the archiving, Digital Preservation and retrieval of high-value, long-term and permanent records an integral part of the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint experience.

Preserve365 and Microsoft retention labels automation at a glance:

Compliance accuracy at scale

Leveraging existing Microsoft permissions and retention labels, Preserve365 enables Information Governance, Records Management, IT and permitted users to quickly apply labels in Microsoft SharePoint to automate the disposition, archiving and Digital Preservation of critical long-term records (files, folders, lists and libraries) at scale. This drives greater compliance accuracy and minimizes compliance risk by ensuring long-term records can always be read and actioned in SharePoint – independent of the original file format.

Auto-labeling for full automation

Organizations using Microsoft’s advanced retention features including auto-labeling and event-based application of retention labels can now connect with Preserve365 to fully automate long-term records archiving and Digital Preservation at scale – effortlessly and without manual intervention. Label application can happen based on specific dates or trained record classifiers; saving Information and Records Managers hours of combined time on record reviews, submission checks and manual processing.

Preservation of retention policy

In addition to being able to connect retention labels for transfer automation, Preserve365 can now match the retention policy to Preservica, maintaining your file plan in the preservation archive. Users can remain confident that the long-term records being kept by Preservica will be retained and disposed of with the same retention rules and timescales as they would have had in SharePoint. Maintaining the credibility and reliability of critical organizational records.

Embedded Active Digital Preservation

Preserve365 embeds Preservica’s unique Active Digital Preservation archiving technology into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem to minimize the risk of data obsolescence, automatically maintaining long-term records in trusted readable file formats – ensuring they can always be quickly found and actioned over decades for FOI, compliance, legal, brand value and knowledge reuse needs.

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