TaxBandits Facilitates Seamless, Cost-Effective BOI Reporting for Tax Pros and High-Volume Filing


CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2024 / TaxBandits, the IRS-authorized e-file provider for 1099, W-2, ACA 1095, and various other tax forms, now offers a streamlined solution for small businesses and tax professionals to compile and submit their BOIR (Beneficial Ownership Information Report) to FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network).

TaxBandits introduces volume-based pricing options, designed to make the reporting process cost-effective for tax professionals and large enterprises. These options empower tax professionals to reduce costs associated with managing multiple clients’ reporting, while also promoting ease and autonomy. TaxBandits powers this solution with advanced features that enable tax professionals to collaborate seamlessly with their clients and delegate responsibilities to their teams.

TaxBandits’ Volume-Based BOIR Pricing

Managing BOI reporting for multiple businesses involves complex data handling and associated costs, which can add up with every submission, including corrections or updates. However, TaxBandits’ new pricing model rewards CPAs and bulk filers with lower rates as their filing volume increases, making TaxBandits the ideal choice for BOI reporting.

There are three pricing options available to meet the needs of tax professionals with diverse filing needs.

One-Time BOI Reporting – This is a traditional payment option requiring a one-time fee at the time of submission. This is best suited for CPAs who handle BOI reporting occasionally.

Annually Per Entity – This plan is ideal for CPAs who handle BOI reporting for multiple businesses and are required to file corrections/updates more often within a year.

Lifetime Per Entity – A plan that offers maximum savings for CPAs. They can pay once (per EIN) and maintain their clients’ BOI reporting requirements indefinitely.

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Exclusive PRO Features for a Streamlined BOI Workflow


BanditConnect ensures seamless, secure communication throughout the IRS tax filing and BOI reporting processes. Users are always just a few clicks away from direct interaction with clients. The Chat feature allows clients to ask questions in real-time, share files and information, and review and approve filings. This secure portal offers customization options including the addition of a company logo, color theme, and a unique URL to align with branding.


BanditCollab enhances workflow accuracy and efficiency through a streamlined suite of staff management tools. It empowers staff by clearly defining their roles based on filing responsibilities, assigning them to the businesses they manage, and grouping them by office location. Each team member receives secure credentials for account access, while supervisors can track all account activity and filings at a glance.

A Comprehensive Solution for BOI Reporting

TaxBandits has firmly established itself as a reliable e-file provider for many businesses and tax professionals nationwide, facilitating seamless tax compliance. The platform now presents a simple solution for efficiently filing BOI reports to FinCEN.

TaxBandits’ clients can effortlessly leverage the user-friendly software to accurately prepare and submit various types of BOI reports, such as Initial, Corrected, Updated, and Newly Exempt Entity reports. Clients who initially file their BOI report through TaxBandits are entitled to free BOI corrections or updates within one week from the original submission date.

When asked about this new addition to TaxBandits’ compliance solution, Agie Sundraram, the CEO and Co-founder of SPAN Enterprises (parent company of TaxBandits), responded with excitement, stating, “Tax professionals and high-volume filers are a crucial part of our business, and we are always looking for ways to add value to their experience. Therefore, TaxBandits is continually advancing the features and functionality of our application. Our comprehensive BOI solution is a testament to our commitment to providing affordable, scalable, and efficient filing solutions.”

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About TaxBandits

The 1099 and W-2 experts! TaxBandits is a SOC 2 Certified, IRS-authorized e-file provider of Forms 1099, Form W-2, 1095, 940, 941, and W-9, serving businesses, service providers, and tax professionals of every shape and size.

Software providers and other high-volume filers can take advantage of TaxBandits API. The integration allows them to add client value and expand monetization efforts. TaxBandits API enables seamless preparation and e-filing of 1099, W-2, 941, 940, and ACA 1095 forms. Software providers can also use the developer-friendly 1099 API to request W-9s and automate 1099 filings efficiently.

About SPAN Enterprises

Headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, SPAN has been developing industry-leading software tools for e-filing and business management tools for over a decade.

The SPAN Enterprises Portfolio of products includes TaxBandits, ACAwise, ExpressExtension, 123PayStubs, and TruckLogics.

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