Helping Neurodivergent Customers Gain More Financial Confidence

Helping Neurodivergent Customers Gain More Financial Confidence

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2024 / Regions Bank
New MagnusCards® available through Regions Bank help users take care of everyday banking needs.

By Mel Campbell

For most people, making a deposit at an ATM or using a debit card to purchase something is almost second nature.

But that isn’t the case for everyone.

Particularly for those individuals who are neurodivergent and/or on the autism spectrum, sometimes the most seemingly simple of activities, including those associated with banking, can create challenges and anxiety.

Now, there’s help – with MagnusCards® available from Regions Bank. It’s a solution that provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step audio and visual guidance for everyday banking needs. It’s a proven product with an inspiring origin.

Founder and CEO of Magnusmode Nadia Hamilton knows first-hand the struggles of navigating a world not designed with the needs of neurodivergent brains in mind. She started with hand-drawn guides to help her autistic brother. That dedication has now blossomed into a company with solutions to remove barriers to inclusion in home, work and a variety of spaces of life.

Getting Started

Regions currently offers MagnusCards, which are available for download on IOS and Android devices, for five different banking activities:

  • Using a debit card
  • Opening a checking account
  • Depositing a check at a Regions ATM
  • Withdrawing funds from a Regions ATM
  • Using Regions Online Banking services

Information on the cards is available from the Accessibility section of The card decks are accessible from the Magnusmode app (available from the Apple store and Google Play). Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to create an account, then select the Money Management icon, and select the Regions logo.

“By becoming an Inclusion Partner with Magnusmode and working with its autism education specialists to develop our MagnusCards, we’re now better positioned to serve our customers with neurodiverse abilities and enable them to manage their banking needs with more confidence,” said Kathy Lovell, disability outreach and services manager for Regions.

Help for Those They Serve, Those They Love

When it comes to providing services to people, whether from a teacher, support worker, or others, having effective tools to help is crucial.

And for the people you love, it might seem simplistic to say that it also becomes personal. For several Regions associates, the rollout of Regions MagnusCards is more than just something useful for someone in the community; it’s something they know can be helpful … because they live it.

“My son is autistic and having something like this is amazing,” said Andrea Latham, Relationship Banker at the Cool Springs East Branch in Franklin, Tenn. “This is a life-changing product.”

With the help of various resources, our family has watched Alvin overcome the challenges of autism to become a state-champion athlete, perform at Carnegie Hall, and prepare to soon graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. His next hurdles include beginning a career and gaining financial confidence to live and thrive on his own. It’s comforting to know he can now have a tool like MagnusCards in his quiver to help him reach his greatest potential.

Veleka Finch, Regions Corporate Communications

Learn more about Regions accessibility accommodations for neurodivergent and autistic individuals including available sensory packs and quiet spaces in branches.

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