Pompa Program Announces New Insights Into What Causes Dehydration

Pompa Program Announces New Insights Into What Causes Dehydration

Dr. Daniel Pompa Shares His Knowledge and Studies that Show That A Lack of Water, Electrolytes, or an Underlying Health Condition Cause Dehydration

PARK CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2024 / Not consuming enough water, salt, and underlying health issues are the main causes of dehydration. In his detailed blog titled “Why Do I Always Feel Dehydrated – Water, Electrolytes, Or An Underlying Health Condition?”, Dr. Daniel Pompa references studies on why electrolytes are so important in hydration and how to get to the root cause of underlying health issues that cause dehydration.

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Electrolytes, such as sodium, are essential components for maintaining hydration levels in the body. They act as facilitators for pushing water into the cells, ensuring that they stay hydrated. Without proper replenishment of electrolytes, even if we are drinking enough water, our bodies will become dehydrated. Dr. Pompa states that the only way to achieve true hydration on the cellular level is to consume adequate amounts of electrolyte-rich foods along with sufficient sea salt intake.

If adequate water and electrolyte intake isn’t enough, dehydration could be a symptom of underlying health problems like blood sugar regulation issues, kidney disease, and thyroid disorders. If this is the case, it is crucial to address the root cause of the problem.

Inflammation, specifically cellular membrane inflammation, is the driving factor behind almost every degenerative disease. When cellular membranes are inflamed, they become less efficient, causing a buildup of toxins and waste products that lead to diseases all across the board.

The good news is that by addressing cellular membrane inflammation, optimizing the function of the cell, and removing accumulated toxins, we are able to target the core cause of underlying conditions that lead to dehydration.

Visit our blog for details and to read more about research studies and recommendations on how to achieve cellular hydration. Also visit https://pompaprogram.com to find out more about the Pompa Program.

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