AMSBIO and Bioz Combine Efforts to Empower the Scientific Community With Citation Data

AMSBIO and Bioz Combine Efforts to Empower the Scientific Community With Citation Data

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2024 / Bioz, Inc., a pioneer in AI-driven research solutions, is delighted to combine efforts with AMSBIO, a global life sciences supplier focused on providing high-quality reagents and services to support scientists and researchers in various fields, including cell biology, stem cell research, neuroscience, and cancer research.

Bioz Prime Badge
Bioz Prime Badge
Bioz Prime Badge on the AMSBIO Website

To empower the scientific community with citation data, dynamic widgets called Bioz Badges are shown on individual AMSBIO product webpages, displaying article snippets elaborating on how each product has been used in scientific literature. Members of the scientific community now have the opportunity to review citations, images, and figures, while filtering the results by technique, journal name, and the date of publication.

Bethany James, Scientific Content Creator at AMSBIO, reflected on her previous experience as a researcher: “When I was obtaining my Ph.D., I would use Bioz’s solutions for product validation. Now that we have Bioz Badges on our website, we are able to empower researchers like myself to make informed decisions based on scientific data.” Krystyna Joyce, Marketing Manager of AMSBIO, echoed her excitement for the strategic collaboration.

Dr. Karin Lachmi, Co-founder and CRO of Bioz, is proud to be enhancing AMSBIO’s digital presence by enriching their product webpages with valuable content coming directly from publications. Dr. Lachmi stated that, “AMSBIO has an extremely impressive database of citations coming from peer-reviewed journals, and being able to help them display this data in real-time is powerful for both internal teams and for their customer base.”

AMSBIO offers a wide range of products and services in the life science realm, including antibodies, proteins, cell lines, molecular biology kits, as well as services. The integration of Bioz widgets effectively highlights the usage and application of such products and services in the field, encouraging researchers to take the next step towards including AMSBIO’s products in their own research.

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Bioz is the world’s most advanced AI search engine for scientific experimentation. Evidence-based product ratings and recommendations guide scientists toward the most-validated products for their experiments, which accelerates research toward new discoveries. Bioz Badges and Bioz Content Hubs are advanced digital marketing solutions for product supplier websites to increase their user engagement and sales conversion.

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