Fragrance Creators Association Highlights the Dawn of a New Transformative Era in Fragrance at the World Perfumery Congress

Fragrance Creators Association Highlights the Dawn of a New Transformative Era in Fragrance at the World Perfumery Congress

The association led a panel with industry leaders sharing key insights on driving greater creativity, innovation, and consumer care through the power of inclusive industry-wide efforts

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2024 / Fragrance Creators Association (Fragrance Creators) continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers. During its panel session, “Driving the Future of Fragrance Stewardship,” at the World Perfumery Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, Fragrance Creators President & CEO Farah K. Ahmed, along with panelists Cynthia Reichard, Fragrance Creators Co-Chair and Executive Vice President at Arylessence Inc., and Sumit Bhasin, Fragrance Creators Board Member and Senior Vice President, Global Fragrance Innovation, Product Development & R&D at the Estée Lauder Companies, explored how the fragrance industry, through the power of collective action, can harness and shape the future. The panel discussed the fragrance marketplace landscape, innovation and technology, consumer insights, and public policy and regulatory trends, providing actionable advice on stewarding the next transformative moment in fragrance history.

“Since the dawn of civilization, fragrance has had the power – beyond all frontiers and cultures – to uplift lives,” said Ahmed. Highlighting the Classics section on the association’s Fragrance Conservatory website, she noted, “Throughout history, there have been moments of transformation, from the first perfumer in 2000 BCE to the industrialization of perfumes in the 18th and 19th centuries, and more. We are now on the precipice of another moment of transformation for our industry, and it is up to all of us to ensure our industry thrives and delivers more good for people, perfume, and the planet.”

“We will continue to see a growing focus on wellness driving greater interest in the well-being and other beneficial contributions that fragrance delivers across multiple product categories,” said Bhasin. “Fragrance Creators’ investment in research supporting these contributions helps to advance our collective knowledge and consumer education – ultimately, better serving consumers around the world.”

“The opportunities for fragrance that come with digital growth will be multifaceted, ongoing, and significant,” said Reichard. “We stand to accelerate greater efficiencies, advance environmental sustainability, and grow a deeper connection with consumers if industry leaders come together in a pre-competitive environment such as their fragrance trade associations. At Fragrance Creators, we have gathered a diverse group of strategic thinkers and highly motivated doers who hope to engage across the industry in sparking a transformative movement to preserve and promote our ability to innovate, create, and thrive.”


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Fragrance Creators Association is the principal fragrance trade association representing the majority of fragrance manufacturing in North America. We also represent fragrance-related interests along the value chain. Fragrance Creators’ 60+ member companies are diverse, including large, medium, and small-sized companies that create, manufacture, and use fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design, fine fragrance, and industrial and institutional products, as well as those that supply fragrance ingredients, including natural extracts and other raw materials used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures. Fragrance Creators established and administers the Congressional Fragrance Caucus, ensuring ongoing dialogue with members of Congress and staff. Fragrance Creators also produces The Fragrance Conservatory, the comprehensive digital resource for high-quality information about fragrance – Learn more about Fragrance Creators at – for people, perfume, and the planet.

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