Morgan McSweeney the data head driving Labour’s campaign


Labour’s campaign manager, Morgan McSweeney, plans to conduct a comprehensive data-driven review of the party’s performance immediately after Thursday’s election, regardless of the outcome. This initiative, in collaboration with the think-tank Labour Together, aims to prepare Sir Keir Starmer’s party for potential governance challenges and to strategize for a possible second election in 2029.
McSweeney, described as an influential “data nerd,” believes political parties should analyze their performance even when victorious. He recognizes that a potential Labour win might be due to voters lending their support, and maintaining this backing could be challenging given current electoral volatility.
The review will examine various aspects of the campaign, including the effectiveness of vote canvassing strategies. McSweeney is known for his meticulous analysis of past elections to optimize resource allocation in marginal seats.
With a background deeply rooted in Labour politics, McSweeney has been instrumental in reshaping the party’s internal structures, often at the expense of left-wing factions. His approach has earned him both praise for effectiveness and criticism for being divisive.
If Labour wins, McSweeney is expected to take a key role in Downing Street, focusing on maintaining a “campaigning government” and strategizing for a potential second term. He’ll need to navigate challenges such as Starmer’s negative approval ratings and potential policy conflicts within the party.
Despite his reputation for ruthlessness in politics, colleagues describe McSweeney as kind to staff and open to learning from others. His approach focuses on understanding both the Labour party’s internal dynamics and voter needs, aiming to make politicians true representatives of the people.