Sunday, June 16, 2024

Global Economy – Consumer Confidence Lags Despite Economic Rebound in Rich Nations

Even as many advanced economies have returned to growth after the pandemic, consumer confidence levels remain subdued and below pre-COVID levels. According to OECD...

Bitcoin is halving again – what does that mean ?

Bitcoin, the largest and most talked about digital asset, has been on a rollercoaster of a ride since its launch in January 2009. With...

SEC wants $2bn from Ripple Labs over sales of crypto tokens

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is pursuing $2 billion in penalties from Ripple Labs following a US federal court ruling that found...

Japan increases intervention warnings as yen slides to weakest level since 1990

The Japanese yen plummeted against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday, pushing the currency perilously close to its lowest level in over three decades and...

UBS to sell $8bn of loans to Apollo

UBS has reached an agreement to offload $8 billion worth of loans to private capital group Apollo, marking a strategic move as it continues...

Why India’s stock market is booming

India’s stock market is booming as investors take a chance on one of the few bright spots in a fragile global economy. The country’s stocks are...

More slumps in China Economy to Stall US Stocks

Chinese economic activity has hit a soft spot in recent weeks and Hong Kong’s equity markets have flirted with bear territory as a result. That’s...

Credit Suisse still not out of the woods fight despite $54 billion rescue

A scramble by Switzerland’s authorities to shore up confidence in Credit Suisse went some way to calming panicked investors Thursday, but the country’s second-biggest bank...

First Republic obtains over $27 billion rescue money from big banks

First Republic Bank, facing a crisis of confidence from investors and customers, is set to receive a $30 billion lifeline from a group of...

IMF chief: Russia’s economy will be devastated by Ukraine war

The International Monetary Fund has drawn criticism for forecasting that Russia will see stronger economic growth this year than either the United Kingdom or Germany, despite...

South Korea ‘Reviewing Various Plans’ To Stabilise The Won

South Korea said it was reviewing “contingency plans” to deal with currency volatility, with the Korean won hovering at a 13-year low against the...
Stock market or forex trading graph in graphic concept

Stock markets down amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

Stock futures fell slightly Tuesday morning, reversing much sharper declines earlier, as traders monitor brewing tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Futures tied to the Dow...


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